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John Petrucci is best known as the guitarist and founding member of the progressive metal band Dream Theater. He is also the band’s producer and main lyricist as well as an original member of the acclaimed Liquid Tension Experiment with Tony Levin. John is a long standing veteran of Joe Satriani’s prestigious G3 tours along with Steve Vai, Eric Johnson and Paul Gilbert. He would go on to receive many notable awards in the various guitar publications throughout the world, including the 2007 “Guitarist of the Year” as named by the readers of Total Guitar magazine and most recently “Best Metal Guitarist” in the 2010 Reader’s Choice Awards poll in Guitar Player magazine. In 2005, John released his first and much anticipated solo album titled, “Suspended Animation” on the Sound Mind Music label. The self-produced album of all instrumental guitar music featured Dave LaRue on bass and Dave DiCenso on drums. Guitarists everywhere praise his high speed alternate picking which, as Petrucci himself claims, requires a “strong sense of synchronization between the two [playing] hands.” John is notable for frequent use of the seven-string electric guitar, which he states is used as a “writing tool”, taking advantage of the extended range both for heavier riffing (The Mirror) and to play extended range runs as part of a solo (This Dying Soul).Dream theater is scheduled to release A Dramatic Turn Of Events album with new drummer Mike Mangini in 2011.

John Petrucci and the Q3HD

  • John Petrucci and the Q3HD

    John Petrucci and the Q3HD

  • John demos the Samson CT20 Tuner

    John demos the Samson CT20 Tuner


John Petrucci | Samson Technologies.


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